World Assemblies of Restoration annual convocation 2017

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to be a vendor at the world assemblies of restoration church's Annual convocation 2017 in Maryland. I have been vending at different events for some time now, and every time, I either become reacquainted with friends and family, or meet new friends, family and potential customers from all walks of life. 

Every opportunity is a teachable one and also an enjoyable one, whereas I get to really study how people interact, to better gauge how I conduct my sales pitch, and also how I present myself as my brand. 

Every event is different in that it attracts certain demographics and diversities of people. Even though being an independent vendor is always to me a "gamble", It's always an opportunity for me to exercise all of my customer-service skills needed to take me to the next level in business. 

I don't take any event that accept for granted and as I go I learn and validate my own value which is manifested in the quality I put in my products.  I enjoyed this event, and the fellowship that came along with it! 

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