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A Word From The Entrepreneur:

The world is forever changed by the drastic affect of these new strains of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

It is absolutely necessary to take the utmost sanitary precautions and careful to less contact (social distancing). Please govern yourselves to the most updated CDC guideline and STAY SAFE!!




In response to the current public health crisis, we are selling our own hand sanitizer.

It is alcohol based (91%), with the standard minimum 60% alcohol content, 33% glyceryin (99%) and added essential oils. It can serve also as a mist room disinfectant spray.

Pricing: 2 x (2oz.) for $15

           2 x (4oz.) for $20




A Note from the CEO,

Gregory Schroeder, Jr.

Thank you for stopping by!

Greg's Haberdashery is a place where both men and women can look their best with unique and signature wardrobe accessories and apparel that will compliment the outer wear as well as personal flair!


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