What is a "Haberdashery"?

A HABERDASHERY, an Anglo-French originated word, is a place where men's goods, notions and accessories are sold, bartered or exchanged.  It also can be a place for men's outfitting and altering; a one-stop shop for the classy dressed up gentleman. A person selling such goods is called a Haberdasher. Many early haberdasheries were established in England and France, where many fashion trends and icons were famously noted.


Back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, men took great pride in detail how they dressed from the fedora, fit and quality of the shirt, suit, suspenders, socks and shoes. Many streets were filled with quaint shops of local shoe smiths and apparel/accessory crafters. Many  patrons were able to customize their looks and establish good ongoing personal relationships with shop owners. It became a place of camaraderie and upstanding community cohesiveness.

Since the evolution of men's fashion from that era into this 21st century, I definitely see a resurgence  of that same "haberdashery" spirit. On social media, in magazines, and on the streets, you will see the fashionable man is even more detailed, personalized, manicured, healthy, educated, aware of their body, and is cultivating is their looks by modernizing those same concepts upon the earlier days.


What a great way to bring fashion in full circle!

The reason why I named my business "Greg's Haberdashery", is because, since I've always had a fashionable eye, I enjoy and find it a pleasure to help other gentleman find their dapper side that caters to their gentlmanly individualism, through today's trends and in creating their own...

A well represented gentleman is, in part, a well dressed one!

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